Heart Health (month) Leads to Mental Health (month)?

As we transition from February (American Heart Month) to March (Mental Health Month), it is worth noting the similar patterns in prevalence of coronary heart disease and poor mental health in our region. Poor mental health prevalence rates in the Rochester region range from less than 9% in rural areas to more than 25% in some census tracts in the City of Rochester, while prevalence of coronary heart disease ranges from 1% rurally to 11% in urban census tracts.

This pattern is consistent with a growing body of research showing that mental health is associated with heart disease or related risk factors, and nearly one in five US adults live with mental illness.

One organization working to promote mental health in the region is Monroe County’s Community Health Improvement Workgroup (CHIW), a collaborative group of leaders from hospitals, health departments, and community agencies prioritizing the mental health and well-being of our community. Learn more about their work here.”

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