RocHealthData is pleased to share data from the most recent Community Health Indicators Report, released this month by the Rochester Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO), with collaboration and support from Common Ground Health.

Now in its second year of release, these data provide a snapshot of county and regional rates for several key health measures (smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity) across 13 counties. This information is summarized from more than one million de-identified clinical records from across the region, securely stored by the Rochester RHIO.

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Data from the Region

Childhood Obesity by County

Obesity (>95th Percentile), Children < 18, % by County –  RHIO 2018

Children with BMI Greater than 95th Percentile


Adults Who Are Smokers


2017: 23%

Smoking by County

Current Smokers, Adults Age 18+, % by County – RHIO 2018

Blood Pressure Control by County

Blood Pressure Control (BP<140/90), Age 18+, % by County – RHIO 2018

Adults with Blood Pressure
Under Control


2017: 66%

Adults with Diabetes Under Control


2017: 74%

Diabetes Control by County

Diabetes in Control (HbA1c <8.0%), Adults 18+, % by County –
RHIO 2018

Adult Obesity by County

Obese (BMI >=30), Adults Age 18+, % by County – RHIO 2018

Adults with BMI of 30 or Greater


2017: 42%

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