Latest COVID-19 Vaccination Rates and Monroe County Incentives

The most recent data (October 28) for Monroe County show that 107 (of 179) census tracts have vaccination rates of at least 60%; 48 tracts have rates of at least 70%. Visit the RocHealthData map room for more details, including recent vaccination rates, and changes since May, for both the County and the City of Rochester.

Census tracts highlighted in red (n=107) show vaccination rates of 60% or greater.

Monroe County is now providing gift card incentives for 1st and 2nd doses, and their site also contains information about appointments, daily case numbers, and COVID testing. The Finger Lakes Vaccine Hub site also shares detailed information weekly about the vaccine, which includes data by race and ethnicity across our nine-county region.

These vaccination data are made available through the collaborative efforts of the Finger Lakes Vaccine Hub, the Finger Lakes Hub Task Force, the Rochester Regional Health Information Organization, the University of Rochester Medical Center, Common Ground Health, and the RocHealthData team. 

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