COVID-19 Vaccination Rates Increase Within Many Monroe County Census Tracts

Drag the circle to the left to see data from June 24 and to the right to see data from July 8.

The continuing effort to provide vaccines closer to where people live is helping increase the rates in many Monroe County census tracts. These county-level data, now available bi-weekly, will continue to inform targeted vaccination locations to ensure access by communities with the highest need.

Visit the RocHealthData map room to see how these data have changed over the past month, for the city of Rochester, as well as for Monroe County as a whole. You may also see additional census tract-level data including the CDC’s Social Vulnerability Index.

These vaccination data are made available through the collaborative efforts of the Finger Lakes Vaccine Hub, the Finger Lakes Hub Task Force, the Rochester Regional Health Information Organization, the University of Rochester Medical Center, Common Ground Health, and the RocHealthData team. 

The Finger Lakes COVID-19 Vaccine Hub also shares detailed information about vaccine rates among the currently eligible population across the nine-county region, updated weekly. Visit their site to compare rates across counties, zip codes, and to access additional demographic information.

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