June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month: Lollypop Farm’s Kitten Season

Each spring and summer, hundreds of thousands of kittens will be born across the US, the vast majority of which are born to feral and homeless cats. Lollypop Farm, like many other shelters and rescue organizations across the country, can admit upwards of 50 cats and kittens a day during these months, overwhelming shelter capacities. Each year our community is challenged to handle this influx of newborn, homeless kittens during what is known as “kitten season.” With nowhere to go, the majority of these kittens in our area will make their way to Lollypop Farm.

While the number of kittens admitted over the years is sobering, spay/neuter programs, like the ones at Lollypop, have a dramatic impact to decrease the number of kitten and cat admissions.

For those in our community unable to afford this cost, Lollypop offers the SNIP program, financial assistance for those unable to afford the cost of spaying or neutering their pet.

It takes a community to provide care during kitten season. Visit Lollypop Farm’s website to learn more about how you can help, including adopting a new cat or kitten, many volunteer opportunities, and details about their many other programs. You may also purchase many items needed to care for the kittens from their Amazon Kitten Wish List.

To see information about animal-care organizations in our region, visit the RocHealthData map room.

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