April is National Minority Health Month

Established by Booker T. Washington in 1915 (as a single week) National Minority Health Month is a time to reflect on the pervasive health disparities that impact racial and ethnic minorities in our community.

Data available within RocHealthData show our region’s minority populations, by zip code, and the higher rates of poor health within many of those zip codes.

Use the slider bar to toggle between the layers.

You may change the geography (to county or census tract level) by visiting the Map Room.

This month the HHS office of Minority Health is highlighting the disproportional impact of COVID-19 on minority communities, and working to empower those communities to become #VaccineReady.

Locally, beginning this week, new vaccination sites are available to residents of selected Monroe County zip codes. Find more information about these point of delivery (POD) sites here.

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