Newly Released Community Health Indicator Data Available

RocHealthData is pleased to partner with Common Ground Health and Rochester RHIO (Regional Health Information Organization) to provide the most recently available data about community health. Our collaborative work over the past year has resulted in making this rich data accessible to the public.
Now in its second year, this data release provides a snapshot of county and regional rates for four key health measures: smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes and adult obesity. These measures are pulled from more than a million patient observations securely stored by the Rochester RHIO, the region’s health information exchange. At no time is personally identifiable information made available to the research and data teams.
The newly released indicators are based on records from calendar year 2018. Highlights, including blood pressure control rates (shown below), as well diabetes control, smoking and obesity rates, for the 13-county Finger Lakes region can be found here.



Additional health data, including reports and county comparisons within our region, are available at Common Ground, through their Insights portal.
The complete Community Indicators dataset is freely available for download to members of RocHealthData. These data are summarized by county, age, and sex, and include additional clinical measures of obesity, smoking, blood pressure, and diabetes.

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