Census 2020: Current Response Rates, by Census Tract, Now Available

We are pleased to share a new census response-rate mapping tool, provided by RocHealthData’s infrastructure support team at CARES Missouri. With this new tool you may see tract-level participation rates from the current census, either for our local region or for any location in the U.S.  These data are updated regularly, usually at least once each week.
The mapping tool shows that many rural and urban tracts in our area have comparatively low participation rates. For example, census tract 27 in the City of Rochester, just west of Corn Hill, currently has a 28% current participation rate. Tract 9614 in Steuben County, which surrounds the southern part of Keuka Lake, has a 39% participation rate.
Census 2020 participation rates are critical to our collective future, and the deadline for participation has been extended to October 31.
Results from the Census inform how billions of federal dollars are allocated to health clinics, services for families, older adults and children, and programs such as Medicaid, Head Start, and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, also known as SNAP.
More local information about Census 2020, including how COVID-19 has impacted data collection efforts, can be found at this City of Rochester website.
Have a question about Census 2020 or how to use the tool? Message us below, or contact us at RocHealthData@urmc.rochester.edu.

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