Back-To-School Time

The Back-to-School season is one of excitement and anticipation. However, within Monroe County, academic disparities exist. The two maps below show startling statistics. Among fourth grade students in the Rochester City School District, only 8% were proficient in Language Arts in school year 2016-2017. The percent of students proficient in Monroe County as a whole was 35%.
Looking ahead, the on-time graduation rate for Monroe County as a whole was 83%. However, for the Rochester City School District, on-time graduation was only 54%. Surrounding districts fell in a range of 82% to 98% (EdFACTS, 2016-2017).
Interested in how your school district performs in these measures? Visit RocHealthData to zoom in on the maps below. While in the map room, try adding additional data layers of interest, such as percent proficiency of students in Math (EdFACTS, 2016-2017) and population with a post-graduate level degree (American Community Survey, 2013-2017).


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