Community Health Indicators: Blood Pressure Control

The percentage of hypertensive patients having their blood pressure under control (lower than 140/90) in our region is 66.4%, according to data from the Rochester Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO).  County-level control rates for men in the region are quite variable, ranging from 58.0% to 80.6%. Visit the RocHealthData map room to see the somewhat lower control rates for women.


These data, part of the Community Indicators dataset available on RocHealthData, are based on clinical information from 2017 for our local 13-county region.  Additional data about blood pressure are available,  including various blood pressure values for those with and without hypertension diagnoses, summarized by county and by age.
The complete dataset also includes information on smoking, obesity, and diabetes and is freely available for download to members of RocHealthData. If you are a member, click here for data access.  To register for access, please go to:


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